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Sunday 8 February 2015

DRIFT is Open

"The Journey - I always enjoy the journey that is involved in coming to this exhibition. The walk down to the river through the newly landscaped path. The trip across the Yarra in the punt. The walk from the river to the gallery along the winding trail of native plants. Then coming into the gallery and seeing the amazing collection of work presented by our members.

Before the opening

But this journey started long before this morning's trip. It started with the initial collection of potential materials. Some might think we are obsessive hoarders but we know everything has potential........Once we have our stash we then start to visualize how we can transform it into a thing of beauty, whether sculptural or functional using basketry techniques. This exhibition is the culmination of that very long journey. Basketry is a tactile process. The material must pass through our hands. It talks to us as we work and is expressed in the shaping of the work and the naming of the final piece e.g. Curv-vay-shus, Yanakie Dreaming etc. 
Sue Dilley with her work "Leaf Litter"

I hope you all enjoy the journey with us as you look at the work."

Sue Dilley President Basketmakers of Victoria

Edit Meaklim "Lost at Sea"  - find it on Herring Island

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