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Wednesday 17 December 2014

Launching Herring Island Summer Arts Festival 2015

On 17th January 2015 Herring Island Gallery will re-awaken for the 2015 festival series of exhibitions. Councillor Melina Sehr, the Mayor of Stonnington City Council, will launch the festival and open the first exhibition in the series at midday.

The first exhibition will be "Narrative" - work from members of the Association of Sculptors of Victoria. You can find out more about this exhibition on this page or on the ASV website.

Access to Como Landing, where you can catch the Parks Victoria punt to Herring Island, has changed due to the landscaping works in the area. The path to the landing is there so do not despair we will be there to greet you in the gallery!

Sunday 6 April 2014

Small Format - Grand Opening

Robert Lee, President of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria opened the inaugural A4 Art Australia exhibition.

 The exhibition was put together by a team of volunteers from the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria. In his opening comments Robert said "The idea is to give Australian artists the opportunity to exhibit their artwork, at low cost, and support metropolitan, rural and regional artists across our vast continent."

"Our committee has selected 286 contemporary artworks, representing 101 artists from across Australia in this National Showcase of A4 sized artworksThe range of media used is equally diverse: including acrylic, aquatint, bronze, canvas, ceramic, charcoal, clay, collage, crayon, cyanotype, digital print, enamel, etching, felted wool, giclee print, gouache, graphite, hahnemuhle rag paper, ink, lightwood, linocut, mixed media, oil pastel, pastel, pen, pencil, photography, polymer, porcelain, printers ink, rice-paper, textile and watercolours!
Pictures in an exhibition - the opening of A4 Art Australia

We believe this show demonstrates the range of talent and creativity of Australian artists! 

All works are for sale, and when you purchase one, you not only get a great artwork, you also show your support of Australian artists!"

Friday 4 April 2014

A First for Herring Island

On Saturday 5th April we'll see the opening of A4 Art Australia an Australia wide collection of small format works in 2D and 3D.

You can download your own invitation here
and you can work out how to get to Herring Island here.

This exhibition is the last in the 2014 Summer Arts Festival. If you would like to join our email invitation list and be notified of future Festival events please sign up on our contact and subscribe page.

See you there!

Sunday 23 March 2014

Prize Winning Ceramics

Amanda Christians "Treading Water" black fired stone ware
Amanda Christians may have won the first prize amongst the ceramic works in the "Vessel" exhibition - but there are plenty more to take you fancy - go and see for yourself.... fast before this exhibition closes on 30th March.

Mirta Ouro "Icebergs" cast porcelain 
Ted Secombe. Metallic Lustre Bottle Set. 
Photo by Adrienne Gilligan

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Welcome to Ceramics Victoria

Vessel - HISAF 2014. Official opening Sat 15 March 12noon - 2pm. ALL WELCOME!
Ceramics Victoria Inc.

The President and Committee are proud to present an invitation to the Members exhibition 

Part of Herring Island Summer Arts Festival 2014
Click on the image above to view the invitation

We are excited to be showcasing a diverse and distinctive range of work from our Members, exploring the title theme for this exhibition.

Please join us for the official opening of
on Saturday 15 March, 12noon - 2pm.

Click here for details on how to get to Herring Island 
All welcome!
Light refreshments will be provided

Friday 28 February 2014

Contemporary By Nature is Open!

A great show and all the glitter at the opening. The weather behaved - and if the approaches to Como Landing were a little primitive we look forward to better this coming weekend - we have a promise from the engineers at Stonnington Council!

Karen Foley with Bromiliad
We'll have more images from the opening soon - some of our photographers are perfectionists and won't let images out unless they are amazing...

Admiring Joy Lea's work
In the mean time prepare for the start of enjoyable autumn weather - 25° both days - the island will be a great place for a picnic!

Robert Lee's "Wandering Shrine"

Monday 17 February 2014

A Mild Weekend.... and Next Exhibition

The Basketmakers finally had a full weekend to show their work - and wasn't it wonderful! So now you have another exhibition to visit! Here is the information from the Contemporary Art Society - and watch this space for images!

We would like to extend an invitation to you, and all art lovers, and lovers of nature, to visit our eighth Contemporary by Nature: An interpretation of the natural world, an art exhibition by members of Melbourne's own Contemporary Art Society of Victoria. It's part of the 2014 Herring Island Summer Arts Festival and opens Next Saturday!

Do join us for drinks at the opening of our art show THIS
Saturday 22 February, 12 noon to 2pm, in the Herring Island Gallery. If you can't make it to the opening, our show is open each weekend till Labour Day, Monday 10 March - we'd love to see you, and we're sure you'll love this year's show! Gallery open: 11.30am - 4.30pm. Note: access to the island is from Como Landing South Yarra via the Parks Victoria Punt service (during gallery hours).Contemporary by Nature 2014 will include sculptures in forged steel and found objects, sculptures in precious metals and stones, oil and acrylic paintings on various surfaces, drawings and prints in numerous media, photographic and mixed media works, all interpreting aspects of nature in very different ways. Be it animal, vegetable or mineral, land or sea, storm or calm, night or day, light or shadow, there will be something to delight the eye, the senses, the imagination. Come and enjoy ....

More info....
Herring Island is in the middle of the Yarra River, just 3km from the city. The Herring Island Park is a haven for nature and art lovers alike. The exhibition will be held in the gallery on the island. There are several permanent sculptures made from natural materials that reflect the island's tranquil setting.Access to Herring Island is by the Parks Victoria punt service from Como Landing (Melways ref Map 58, G2) and the service operates between 11am and 5pm. Punt charges: $2 per person or $5 per family, with pensioners, unemployed and children under 12 free. Car parking is available in Alexandra Ave.

In this exhibition, both established and emerging contemporary artists have explored aspects of nature, in a wide range of artistic media! Each day of the exhibition a different exhibiting artist will be "on duty" at the gallery. A great opportunity for you to ask questions about their artwork, and inspiration behind the work.

All images from the exhibition will be on the CAS website at the conclusion of the exhibition. And get updates about all shows on the Island from the Herring Island Summer Arts Festival website.

Monday 10 February 2014

Red faces all round

Saturday was hot - Sunday was a disaster - in fact a series of disasters. Yes it would be far far worse in a bushfire zone - but the sitters who arrived on Sunday to open the gallery and care for the hardy souls who braved the heat to see the artwork waited on the landing - in the heat - in vain. The punt had mechanical troubles and was unsafe to run - and no one told our gallant sitters - their red faces were due to a combination of heat stress and irritation.

We have lessons to learn - about communication mostly - as we can't plan for those gremlins in the works. So apologies all round - sorry everyone that you couldn't visit on Sunday. But....

Next weekend will be better - better weather for a start - a blissful 23 degrees - oh joy - a touch of rain - bring it on! Parks Victoria has had the mechanics in and the punt is running well. And no one got in and bought that work that you wanted - so get in this weekend and see those amazing works in fibre.

Friday 7 February 2014

Summer Time and the Drift is ...

Yes it will be hot on the island on Saturday, and only marginally less hot on Sunday - so gird up - take your hat, sunscreen and water bottle - there are cool drinks and amazing artworks in the gallery.

The Gallery opens at 11:30 am - before the heat really gets going? Be there to enjoy the work.

Images courtesy of Andrew Dilley

Saturday 1 February 2014

Too Hot! - No Show Tomorrow!

Unfortunately tomorrow is forecast to be over 40° and the island will be unbearably hot, not to mention the punt operator will be roasted and it's likely to be a total fire ban day....

Herring Island Gallery and 
Summer Arts Festival will be 
Closed on 
Sunday 2nd February 

Don't go there until next weekend when hopefully it will be cooler

Dear Info Centre,
For your information.
The CFA has declared tomorrow a day of total fire ban with a “Very High” fire danger rating for Central District.
Due to the predicted excessive heat please note the Herring Island Punt Service will not be operating this Sunday 2nd February.
This is in recognition of staff working on board the Punt having little relief from the heat as well as the Basket Makers of Victoria volunteers operating throughout the day.
An information board will be placed at Como Landing to advise of these arrangements.

Regards, Peter Teesdale

A Great Opening

Jean Stone with her "Drifting by Fruit Bowl"

an exhibition full of great work

Maree Brown with her work

Don't miss this show - come as early as you can to dodge the heat. There's plenty to enjoy.

Thursday 30 January 2014

An Early Close - and so to the Next

a progressive weaving
Everyone expected the sculpture exhibition to close at 4:30 pm on Monday - people who bought sculpture were ready to pick their work then.... but - the punt operator was horrified to see the tide taking the water out so fast it looked as though someone had pulled the plug on the river. The pontoon at Como Landing started to settle into the mud and it looked as if there was going to be serious trouble getting the punt up to the landing to let people off and on. The same problem on the island side.... so the call had to be made that the exhibition closes early. No pictures, no story just get the people and sold work off the island - thanks to our punt operator for running a safe service. The joys of an island - it could have been flood or extreme weather so take your earliest opportunity to see the exhibitions you don't want to miss a show that you would have enjoyed.
work by Glenda Seymour

And now - the Basket makers are coming! We caught a glimpse of their work and had a chat with them on Australia Day - so we all know that this is a show not to be missed!

Remember Saturday 1st February at 12 noon.
See you there.

Kathy Harry's work

Sunday 26 January 2014

A Blast for Australia Day!

Ceramics Victoria - ready to demonstrate their art
The "resident " exhibition has been going pretty well - we managed great weather when we were open in spite of a week of 40° days between our first two weekends. The work was well received, a few sold, and the demonstrations inspired curiousity and admiration.

Then on Australia Day all the Groups set up camp in the courtyard and held "court" for an enthusiastic and cheerful flood of visitors.

All the groups were well represented and everyone was inspired to ask questions and try out their skills.
Saeed and a portrait...

Cressida has all the colours there - befitting someone representing the Contemporary Art Society and A4 Art Australia.
Cressida Fox did double duty for the Contemporary Art Society and for A4 Art Australia - so she had all the colours out!

Damien running a walk and talk around the island

Damien from Friends of Herring Island did a walk and talk all around the island - all the plants on the island not withstanding that they are locally indigenous, were planted and nurtured by the Friends. There are pictures on their website of the island in its various modes of construction - levy banks piled high with dredging from the river - you wouldn't recognize the current peaceful bush land setting!
Roulettes on their fly past

And the Basketmakers were there - twisting, weaving, twining - and of course chatting!
Basketmakers very relaxed about getting in a twist

The grand weaving!
Most definitely a  good time was had by all!

Monday 27th is the last day of the sculpture exhibition - and on the first of February Herring Island welcomes the Basketmakers of Victoria!

A sketch in clay

Saturday 11 January 2014

Lift Off!

There it was - the most wonderful sight in the world - the Parks Victoria punt service rounding the bend in the river to take us to Herring Island.

First run of the Parks Victoria punt to Como Landing this summer - hooray!
And we had amazing weather for our opening: mild and overcast in the morning breaking to a sunny afternoon. A few people got lost - the pathways amongst the earthworks are a bit confusing but the aim is to reinstate the vegetation on the river bank so it will all be worth it.

We had a small crowd for the opening - ably performed by Councillor John Chandler representing Stonnington Council - but after that and through the day visitors kept coming, many not realizing that this was the first day this summer that the island has been open.

The sculpture was admired, the festival launched and a good time was had by all... now to make the rest of the festival as much fun - come and join us on the island - there's a lot to see.

The view to the "mainland" from bush-clad Herring Island

Friday 10 January 2014

Underneath the Freeway - and what is in the boxes?

image courtesy Suzie Ashkenazi
All these sculptors were waiting to go across to Herring Island - so what is in the boxes and bundles? It looks good in the gallery so be there for the launch of the festival at noon tomorrow!