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Monday 10 February 2014

Red faces all round

Saturday was hot - Sunday was a disaster - in fact a series of disasters. Yes it would be far far worse in a bushfire zone - but the sitters who arrived on Sunday to open the gallery and care for the hardy souls who braved the heat to see the artwork waited on the landing - in the heat - in vain. The punt had mechanical troubles and was unsafe to run - and no one told our gallant sitters - their red faces were due to a combination of heat stress and irritation.

We have lessons to learn - about communication mostly - as we can't plan for those gremlins in the works. So apologies all round - sorry everyone that you couldn't visit on Sunday. But....

Next weekend will be better - better weather for a start - a blissful 23 degrees - oh joy - a touch of rain - bring it on! Parks Victoria has had the mechanics in and the punt is running well. And no one got in and bought that work that you wanted - so get in this weekend and see those amazing works in fibre.

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